Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Paramedic Organizations Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are related to the process for completing the self-assessment. FAQs related to content are provided for selected assessment items, where applicable.

How many team meetings should we schedule?
Based on validation testing experience, your team can expect to take 3-4 hours to complete this self-assessment. Depending on your organization, you may wish to do this all at once or schedule separate meetings. If your team plans to complete the assessment over several meetings, it is suggested that the facilitator consider natural break points in advance (e.g., based on similarity of topics or number of items in each key element section).
Do we need an interdisciplinary multilevel team to complete the self-assessment?
Yes. Because medication use is a complex, interdisciplinary process of engagement with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers, the value and accuracy of the assessment is significantly reduced if it is completed by a single individual or discipline involved in medication use.
Do we need senior leadership representation on our team?
Yes. Attendance by an individual from the leadership of the paramedic organization is valuable because the assessment contains many items that relate to your organization’s overall commitment to patient and medication safety. Additionally, participation in the self-assessment provides senior leadership with insight into areas of risk in the medication use system.
What if an item doesn't apply to the services offered by my paramedic organization?
Selected items include a “Not Applicable” option; this is generally used for situations where the questions cannot be answered because the situation does not exist. This option is generally not offered for assessment items considered to be best practice in medication safety for all paramedic organizations unless the question cannot be answered because the practice is not in place.
May I make copies of the self-assessment document?
The copyright allows you to make copies of the self-assessment for internal use. You may not modify or alter the content.

The assessment is intended for use as part of ongoing quality improvement activities. Other uses, such as in educational presentations or publications external to an individual paramedic organization or corporate group require written permission from ISMP Canada. Contact ISMP Canada for more information.