Epidural Label Safety Checklist Frequently Asked Questions

How many team meetings should we schedule?
Most teams should be able to complete the checklist and complete the electronic submission of results during a 1-2 hour meeting.
Do we need an interdisciplinary team to complete the checklist?
Because medication use is a complex, inter-disciplinary process, the value and accuracy of the checklist is substantially enhanced if it is completed by a broadly representative team rather than an individual clinician or discipline.
Do we need leadership staff on our team?
An individual from the organizational leadership team is useful but not vital at these meetings. Participation in the assessment process provides leadership staff with insight into areas of vulnerability related to the preparation and administration of epidural medications at your organization.
What if an item doesn't apply to the services offered by my organization?
For certain items, a not-applicable (N/A) option is offered. For this checklist, an NA value of 4 has been assigned.
How are individual items scored?
Each item has a specific weighting. If the characteristic is fully implemented, then the maximum score is achieved. The scoring is as follows:
  • A = 0
  • B = 1
  • C = 2
  • D = 3
  • E = 4
  • N/A = 4 (i.e. no risk to the organization/population served)
May I make copies of the checklist document?
You may make as many copies of this document as are required for the team to complete the assessment. You may not modify or alter the content in any way. Furthermore, you may not modify, transmit, post, or use the contents of this document for personal, public, or commercial purposes unless you have obtained written permission from ISMP Canada.
My organization has a number of sites. Do I need a password for each one?
If your organization is homogeneous or is managed as a single entity, then it may be appropriate to conduct a single assessment for the entire organization. However, if your sites are relatively autonomous and have different procedures, then separate assessments are recommended.
Are there situations where the checklist may not be appropriate for an organization?
This assessment is designed for organizations that prepare, dispense or administer epidural medications. If your organization is not engaged in any activities related to epidural medications, some aspects of this checklist may be applicable to other medication label content and design; however you will not be able to complete the electronic data submission and thus will not be able to assess your data against the aggregate responses.
How can we use our checklist results?
This checklist is intended to:
  • Heighten awareness of the characteristics of a safe label for medications intended for administration by the epidural route;
  • Assist organizations to evaluate label content and design for epidural products;
  • Provide a baseline for hospital efforts to enhance the safety of epidural medication use, at the individual facility and aggregate level
Your organization's assessment results can be used to identify gaps in practice and implement strategies and practices that will enhance the safe labelling of epidural medications. Repeating this assessment periodically will assist you and your team to track your progress over time.